Feeding Pump

Amika® is an ambulatory volumetric pump delivering feed and fluid in a continuous mode using a linear peristaltic pump technology.
Amika® is designed for safer and intuitive use in nutritional care. Amika® is an easy to use, safe and quiet enteral nutrition pump. Amika and its dedicated sets offer an enteral feeding system that is designed for both hospital and homecare use.

Description: –

Designed for more safety

Dedicated enteral giving sets designed with ENPlus and ENLock patented anti free-flow clamp system giving optical detection system.

Latest sensor technology for enhanced detection capability.

Keypad and Settings Lock functions for a safer use of Amika

Intuitive for higher efficiency

Graphical symbol-based display offering clear and simple symbols for all users

Ergonomic and robust design suitable for hospital and homecare

Direct access to key functions for ease of use

Alarm light indicator to quickly monitor the pump

Convenient for better comfort
⦁ Virtually silent operating
⦁ Compact design and long battery life for ambulatory
⦁ Multiple pump settings and accessories to adapt to all environments
⦁ Versatile pump holder usable with a wide range of supports
⦁ Automatic priming function
⦁ Versatile pump holder usable with a wide range of supports