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Devraj Shettigar
Jupiter Equipment team had been very responsive and helped me with bed on rentals within a short time.
The bed was very useful and helped us since my mother was immobile and thus we could fold the same to feed her food.
Thanks a ton for your help Jupiter team
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Shashi Rao
I first came to know about Jupiter Medical equipments in Apollo. Hospital ..People from Jupiter were courteous, prompt and reasonable.
I am currently using
Deepika Pandita
Jupiter Equipment have been very prompt and quick in delivering the ortho bed to us. My father met with an accident and dislocated his hip. He was bed ridden for nearly 2 months. Mr. Bhavin was kind enough to understand our need in my family’s crisis and was very quick and swift in getting the services to us. We always say that doctors are next to god. Which they indeed are. But these unsaid and invisible people who provide medical equipments with ease are also a blessing. The ortho bed was in a very good condition and was delivered just before my father was discharged from the hospital. We used it for 2 months very conveniently. I am thankful to Jupiter Equipment. I highly recommend their service